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Welcome to Income Tax

Free Canadian income tax advice for residents of Canada.
Income Tax provides free online financial and tax advice to help Canadians manage their finances and reduce their income taxes. We also recommend you enjoy the benefits of free online tax prep by NetFiling through either the English or Francais Dr. Tax websites - and Discover what millions of other Canadians already know: NetFile to get a faster refund cheque!


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ufile for individuals Individuals
Do you have difficulty finding time to do your taxes? UFile makes filing your tax return simple and quick. UFile guides you as you plan your RRSP contributions, forwards your past-year tax information and ensures that you claim every tax credit. Try our online tax filing system at no cost. You pay only when you have discovered for yourself that UFile is easy, accurate, secure and the best way to find time to do your taxes. The free application is completely confidential and secure, guaranteed. Begin Here...
ufile for families Family
UFile is built to a guide a family during tax time. It enables you and your spouse to minimize tax payment and get the maximum refunds possible. It ensures that you optimize medical and tuition expenses as well as charitable donations. UFile will transfer personal credits and will calculate and apply for GST and Child tax benefits. Not sure how to begin family tax preparation - UFile will figure it out for you. Begin Here...
ufile for small business Small Business
All kinds of small business owners use UFile. It simplifies preparation of small business tax returns for business people, farmers, fishermen, rental property owners and others by using terms to describe the fields appearing on your business statement. After you enter your expense amounts the tax program will accurately input your expenses according to the corresponding tax laws. Begin Here...
impot expert en francais

ImpôtExpert est la solution #1 au Canada pour la préparation de déclarations de revenus. Le calculateur de remboursement OptiMax traite votre déclaration et celles des membres de votre famille de façon automatique et repère tous les transferts applicables ainsi que tous les crédits et déductions disponibles afin de minimiser vos impôts ou maximiser votre remboursement, selon le cas. Commencez ici ...

About Income Tax is a private website offering Canadians free financial advice and other information to benefit their personal and small business tax situations. Income Tax is NOT associated with, NOR does it represent, the Government of Canada or Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). does offer services and resource links for all Canadians looking for a variety of financial and tax related topics. If you are looking for the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) web site, please click here.
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