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10 reasons to netfile with ufile

Media Room News is pleased to offer free practical expert advice on money and income tax topics for Canadian taxpayers and small businesses. The information should save you time and money when you next prepare and netfile your income tax return.

get faster tax refund with ufile

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:: Top 10 reasons to NetFile with UFile

:: 10 reasons why you should NetFile your income taxes online to the Canada Revenue Agency

10. The CRA hires humans, and humans make mistakes. They are rare, but electronic filing has the advantage of automated processing, which prevents any possible clerical errors.

9. You too are human and therefore can make mistakes in preparing your return with a calculator. UFile catches most errors before you file your return.

8. The CRA’s internet system catches remaining errors, if any, and reports errors to be corrected before your return is forwarded for assessment.

7. NetFiling means never having to say, "Where's the stapler?"

6. NetFiling means never having to stand in line at the post office to ask, "THAT MUCH just to mail my tax return?" In fact, you don’t have to mail anything. No envelope, no stamp, no trip to the post office. It really is more convenient.

5. You’ll never see a bumper sticker that reads, "I'd rather be doing my taxes", but UFile sure makes this annual task as painless as possible.

4. Last year, over 45% of Canadians who used an online tax product chose UFile.

3. With UFile online, you never have to pay until you are ready to file.

2. You will get your refund from the CRA faster. Faster in, faster out.

And, the number one reason to NetFile your tax return with UFile:

1. Using UFile with MaxBack ensures that you and your family will pay the least amount of tax and get the maximum refunds possible.