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Filing Canadian Income Tax Online

Canadian Income Tax can be completed and filed using online secure applications.

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You can complete and file your Canadian Income Tax Online.

When looking to file your Income Tax in Canada online, there are several reasons to compare ease-of-use, costs and accuracy.

To start, examine your Canadian income tax preparation requirements.

  • Are you comfortable on the Internet?
  • Do you want to control the software on your own home computer?
  • Is your Canadian income tax simple or complicated?

The beauty of doing your Canadian Income Tax Preparation either with NetFile online or through software is the control you have over the process.

You can use the income tax calculator, review child tax credits and benefits, follow the Revenue Canada tax forms and rates, figure the unique provincial income tax tables - basically do your own bookkeeping and tax preparation return without the huge expense of an accountant or bookkeeper.

Of course, you may also qualify for free income tax preparation online, if your annual taxable income in Canada is less than $20,000. That's something you certainly want to take advantage of if your financial circumstances warrant.

Even if your annual earnings are higher, tax preparation online is still free.

You only pay a small amount when you are ready to actually NetFile your 2006 tax return (subsequent tax filings for other members of your family are discounted significantly).

Both the online tax preparation and software versions are completely compliant with the Income Tax Act of Canada, and certified secure and confidential by Revenue Canada.

This means that you can potentially get your refund even faster by saving the time mailing in your return and having it reviewed by hand. Doing your 2004 taxes electronically through Canadian income tax preparation - and NetFile is one of the smartest ways to handle this annual chore.

Make it a fast, easy and painless process to get your withholding tax back from the provinces and Government of Canada through Revenue Canada!

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