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Canadian Secured Credit Card

Canadian Secured Credit Cards are available online. The best online Canadian Secured VISA Credit Card supplier is Home Trust. offers our views on this company.

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Canadian Secured VISA Credit Card helps consumers rebuild credit history in Canada!

If you are struggling with a bad credit rating, a Canadian Secured VISA Credit Card is a great way to put yourself back on the road to financial recovery. In fact, almost any consumer with bad credit, or even no credit hiistory at all, can successfully apply for their own secured Canadian VISA credit card online in Canada.

Why is taking this first step towards a better Canadian credit rating important? Without good credit in our country, most banks, credit unions, trust companies and credit card suppliers won't even look at loaning you money or extending you VISA, MasterCard, Discover or Diner's credit cards.

This can be devastating and embarassing in situations where a credit card is required: online shopping, ticket purchases, hotel reservations, car rentals and many other ordinary daily encounters.

The fastest way to establish or re-establish your credit in Canada is with a Secured VISA Credit Card.

So whether you have been discharged from bankruptcy, recently widowed or divorced, just starting life as a young adult, or newly immigrated to Canada, Home Trust offers you the chance to secure your financial future with a secured VISA.

You simply match your credit limit with refundable security deposit of $1,000 to $10,000. Then watch as your credit score goes up again!

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