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Canadian Legal Documents

Canadian Legal Documents are available online. A number of Canadian suppliers offer legal documents in Canada. offers our views on these suppliers.

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Canadian Legal Documents help Canadians draw up wills, change names and give power-of-attorney.

The Internet has opened up many new avenues for Canadians to access legal information online. Now Canadian Legal Documents can be customized quickly, easily and inexpensively.

No longer do you have to make that costly and sometimes fearful visit to a Canadian lawyer's office. Instead, an innovative publisher is delivering time saving, affordable personalized legal documents to Canadians. Their products are even covered by a full money back guarantee .. try getting that from a lawyer in Canada?!? is not a law firm, nor do they practice law or offer legal opinions. Instead, they publish personalized self-help legal document packages automatically, from the personal data you submit. Obviously that makes you responsible to make sure the facts and general advice contained in each legal document is applicable to you.

These Canadian Legal Documents are designed to be an aid to for the do-it-yourselfer. These various legal documents are not intended to replace legal advice in Canada.

Canadian Legal documents are available online for Canadians looking to draw up a will, change a name, incorporate a company or undertake other legal documentation in Canada.

So what Canadian legal documents are offered online? The two most popular legal publications in Canada are the Last Will & Testament and Power of Attorney, Each is customized to reflect the province in which you live.

Additionally, there federal and provincial incorporation documents, depending on whether your company is national or regional in scope. There are also a number of Real Estate Contracts for various transactions and situations for each province and territory in Canada.

So do yourself a favour & look at the Canadian legal documents available to you online and decide whether your individual situation can be handled by any of the publications from It is much easier and less expensive that you might imagine drawing up your own Canadian Legal Documents.

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