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Canadian Mortgages

Canadian Mortgages are available online. A number of Canadian suppliers will quote Mortgages rates online. offers our views on these suppliers.

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Canadian Mortgages can be tailored to suit your unique financial situation

These are new times we're living in - especially when it comes to tailoring a Canadian Mortgage to suit your unique financial needs.

The day of simply walking into your local bank and signing whatever mortgage document the loans officer stuck in front of you is officially over. Mortgage brokers were already putting a silver stake into the blood-sucking banks, but the Internet proved to be the silver bullet that finally slew the banking beast.

How? Consumers like you are now armed with a vast array of online information that puts you in the driver's seat when it comes to negotiating your Canadian mortgage. With a little time, and even less money, you can obtain your personal credit history with FICO Beacon score, research various interest rates and features, and review your financial needs more fully.

Assisted by a keen mortgage broker, your good credit history can force a number of banks, trust companies and credit unions to come up with their best Canadian Mortgage offer.

Canadian Mortgages come in all "sizes" -- make the lenders compete for your business - even if your credit history is poor.

But what if you've had some credit problems in the past. First get a copy of your Canadian credit report to uncover exactly what potential lenders are going to see.

If there are any mistakes, now is your best time to correct the misinformation, before it goes out with errors to anyone bidding on your mortgage business.

Then be honest with your mortgage broker. It's likely he or she will actually have lenders happy to work with you, even if you've had, or are having, some financial difficulties. You'd be surprised what a motivated professional mortgage broker can do with almost any fiscal situation.

The bottom line: Arm yourself with as much financial information as possible, then add a negotiating "agent" like a mortgage broker to tailor a Canadian Mortgage custom-made to suit you.

It's your money - don't give away any more than you have to the banks.

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